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Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation (SAWF) is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization registered in 2010 with mandate to; enable disadvantaged children access to quality education, including educational materials, educational facilities, a daily meal program, and advocating for the right to education and providing a better environment for the less fortunate. Safisha School is located in a slum bordering the eastern suburbs of Nairobi. Our vision is to reduce the illiteracy in this impoverished area and provide a better life to it's future children.

With the government cost sharing policy in Kenya, many families cannot afford to send their children to school, much less provide the basic necessities for living. Often children in slum areas are malnourished and end up spending most of their time on the streets, which can lead to a wide variety of unimaginable situations later in life. Education plays such an important role in developing a child's social, emotional and physical well-being providing them with skills that enable them to be positively contributing members of society.

Through an on-going support from our incredible volunteers and donors (like you!), Safisha is able to provide to the disadvantaged children free access to education, a warm meal every day, school supplies to supplement their learning and most importantly, a safe and emotionally supportive environment to foster their growth as educated citizens. We would like to extend a very grateful thank-you to all those who have supported Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation so far. Your donations and support have helped to provide free education for over 40 improvished children and we hope that with additional support, Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation can continue to grow and eventually build a new school that can provide free education for even more needy children.

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